KEEN Gamers have accepted a mission to participate in Extra Life for the 007th year! Founded in 2008, Extra Life is an annual 24-hour worldwide gaming marathon in support of the Children's Miracle Network. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to help us raise money for the Stollery Children's Hospital. Donate or learn more about our participation below!


The Ring Bearer

The J

The Better Half

Agent B

The Better Half

We can’t guarantee skills, but we’ll look good while we’re doing it. The Women in White are here to protect against double agents KEENers, spies, and the great beyond. Agents B&J, reporting for duty! Also, don't press the red button.

Weapon of Choice: 2 Mini Guns

”Wait what's the red button for?

The Vacation

Tank Top Assassin

This Agent is sent to make sure that their targets have the best time of their lives. Those who meet on the vacation form lasting memories. Those who meet with The Vacation have their last memory.

Weapon of Choice: Rainy Days

”I am on vacation.

Olga Fang

The Alpha

With her specially trained pack of furry assassins, this agent's every command is obeyed. Raised in the snowy lands of Siberia, no condition is too extreme for this pack. Don't let their cuteness fool you, their bark has bite.

Weapon of Choice: K9's


The Hacker

Once the world's most notorious hacker, TURB0W0LF has swapped out his blackhat for one a little more grey, using his elite tech skills as an agent in support of Extra Life. Sources say he'll crack any database in the world... for the right donation.

Weapon of Choice: Dark Mode

”I'm in.

Snack Eyes

Sustenance Specialist

A world where villains run rampant means you will never know when your next meal will come. This is where our contracted agent, Snack Eyes, comes in. Keep your eye on the villain, and she'll keep an eye on you. Stocked with healthy snacks, she is the villain's worst enemy.

Weapon of Choice: High Calorie Snacks

”Time to get snackin'

Cameron SanFrancisco

Where in the World?

A master thief who uses her skills for good, Cameron Sanfrancisco travels the world to help all the sick kids feel better -- with help from her KEEN sidekicks.

Weapon of Choice: Companion Vouchers

”First Class


Research & Development

Enhance....ENHANCE!! Download your donations to the mainframe, and do try to return any gadgets in one piece. Click the link below to upload your funds to the Stollery Children's Hospital and get a tax receipt.

Weapon of Choice: Mouse and keyboard



The Mastermind

There is no escape from technology. Having access to any gadget imaginable will give me the ability to conquer all. So donate today or else.

Weapon of Choice: Drone and Gadgets

The Butcher

Meat and Greet

Don't ask what's in the Meatloaf....

Weapon of Choice: Knives

"Can't wait to meat you

Lucy Goosey

Higher Class

Lucy Goosey is a socialite of unknown origin who is on a mission to intercept funds from The Man and deliver them to her mini minions at Stollery headquarters. When she's not hosting poker parties on yachts purloined from Russian oligarchs, she's performing acrobatic air stunts and mining diamonds.

Weapon of Choice: Peer Pressure, and stabby high heels

”Donate, or else!


The Sharpshooter


The Planner

Lurking in the shadows, Taskmaster is mostly unseen but his impact is felt. If you ever wonder how super villain's are able to have such luxurious events go off according to plan... well you are looking at him. Taskmaster has a plan and backup plan before you've even thought you needed a plan.

Weapon of Choice: Excel Spreadsheet

”We're on Schedule..

Will Powers

Middle Name Danger

I'm Will Powers, a groovy gamer from the ’60s on my first Extra Life mission. I'm armed with the mojo (caffeine) to survive a night of intense activity should not be underestimated. Supporting charitable causes: that sort of thing IS my bag, baby!

Weapon of Choice: Mojo

”Shall we Game now or shall we Game later?

La Chiffre

The Shadow

Cloud of smoke and she appears, the master of surprise. Who's that cunning mind behind that shadowy disguise? Nobody knows for sure, but bad guys are out of luck.

Weapon of Choice: Poker Chips and Cards

”I’ve got your number...